Shower Gel


Cleansing, mild soap with at fresh scent of orange, lavender and rose

Ecooking Body Soap is mild and gentle with cleansing properties. Leaves the skin clean and with a fresh scent of orange, lavender and rose. Use e.g. Ecooking Multi Oil and/or Body Cream after the bath to add moisture and nourishment to the skin. Ecooking Body Soap has a high content of organic Glycerin that adds shine and has softening properties. Therefor you can also use the Shower Gel as shampoo for your hair.

100% vegan.

Use in shower. The amount of soap is to be dosed according to need. Rinse off with water. For all skin types.

Care for the environment and save on the amount of soap. You only need a small amount of Ecooking Shower Gel to reach optimal usage of the product.

300 ml plastic bottle with pump

PLEASE NOTE: There may be small discrepancies between the declaration of content on our website and the received product, since we continually improve the content of our products as to the newest knowledge on the impact of contents on the environment and health.
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