Natural danish salt, 200 g


100% organic and natural Danish seaweed salt from Mariager Fjord

Our seaweed salt from Mariager Sea Salt Factory is located by Mariager Fjord in Denmark. The seaweed has been
dried, and put back into the water in order to suck up salt water. The seaweed is re-dried and becomes a sort of ash,
which, together with the salt, leaves the grey, cloudy color. This process means that our salt contains a lot of vitamins
and minerals.
Contains among other things
– Natural vitamins
– Minerals
– Magnesium
– Calcium
– Potassium
– Sulphates

Ecooking Salt is e.g. used:
– As foot scrub (mix with Ecooking Multi Oil)
– As body scrub (mix with Ecooking Multi Oil)
– As face scrub (mix with Ecooking Multi Oil)
– As hand scrub (mix with Ecooking Multi Oil)
– In the foot bath
– In the bathtub
– For cooking
100% vegan.

Mix Ecooking Multi Oil with the salt and you have a wonderful body scrub.
Mix a teaspoon baking powder together with 3 spoons of salt and a little oil, and you have an outstanding face scrub.
If you have had an “accident” with tanning oil, mix the juice from a lemon with the salt and scrub your skin.

250 g plastic jar

Minerals**, Magnesium**, Calcium**, Potassium**, Sulphates**, Natural Vitamins**, Natural Iodine**

* = organic · ** = natural

PLEASE NOTE: There may be small discrepancies between the declaration of content on our website and the received product, since we continually improve the content of our products as to the newest knowledge on the impact of contents on the environment and health.
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